The Lord, He is God

God reigns over the nations; God sits on His holy throne.
(Psalm 47:8)
Let us never forget, the, He is God. He never has to apologize or explain Himself. He does not have to qualify His Word or justify His ways. He is God. Like a loving parent, it is not the duty of the parent to understand the child. It is the duty of the child to understand the parent. Because we have reversed roles and positions of authority we assume that God will likewise follow suit. He will not. He is God. And He does not change. We may; He does not. Sin has not diminished nor has it expired. Sin remains sin, and God remains God. God's order has not changed, nor has His alignment. Whether in His church, the government or our homes, God's ways of doing business remain the same. Let us not attempt to fashion God to our lifestyles. Let us adapt our lifestyles to His unchanging ways. And let us never forget He is God.